Interesting cases

Horse Dentist cases.

So as you can imagine I get to see a LOT of horses and a lot of different mouths. As a horse dentist your main goal is keeping the horses mouth feeling comfortable and useable. As much as I love finding that the mouth is already free of anything that will hurt the mouth it isn’t always like that. Consequently it is pretty cool (from a clinical side) to see some abnormalities that I can fix.

I decided to show some of the horses with exceptionally poor mouths that I have managed to photograph just so that you can see how bad it can be without correct dental care.

Here is a list of the tooth numbers that I will use in this little demo.

Supernumerary teeth. Equine dentist in Wiltshire cases

Horse dentist interesting cases wiltshire

Above: Blue circle is the gap where the 203 is meant to be. The red circles denote tartar. The Green circle is where I had removed some tartar. You can see the redness of the gum from a minor gum infection.

Above I saw a horse that has a displaced (302) lower near side incisor. Note how the (303) end lower incisor has absolutely no contact from the above tooth? Also you can see tartar buildup on the canine.

Horse dentist wiltshire. displaced tooth

Here we have a horse missing one tooth from external trauma. The tooth that is missing is the 401. The 301 has been damaged to and is now growing in a really low position. You can see the grass impaction between the 301 and the 701 (baby tooth/deciduous tooth).