Craigh Ramsden. Official horse dentist to the S.A. Lippizaners. Based in Wiltshire.

Official Horse Dentist to the South African Lippizaners.

The Horse Dentist to the Lippizaners.

The lippizaners have made my whole world by allowing me to work on their animals as their horse dentist since 2015.

Affectionally Known as the Lippies, the team are an amazing bunch. The dedication and professionalism is unparalleled. The riders and horses have such a close bond that its sometimes hard to see where one begins and the other begins.

Being a direct offshoot of the school in Vienna they have cultivated the rider, horse bond to a special level. These magnificent shows draw people from all over the world. The finesse and precision is breath taking.

I am very fortunate to be able to work on these noble horses. Aided by the Lippizaners vet and rider Dr Karen Bohme we care for the teeth and are graced by seeing these wonderful friends happy and healthy.

The Traveling Horse Dentist.

I fly out a few times a year to care for the Lippies and make sure they are all happy and healthy (in their mouths). I have learned a lot here as a horse dentist. Every case is different and every horse has their own unique personality.

The Lippies like all ridden horses must have their teeth seen to every 6 months. I love working on them and seeing them grow. They are an energetic bunch so being a horse dentist here can get sweaty. However they are a sweet bunch and the handling that happens here is evidenced by how calm the majority of these steeds are. The stallions, Mares and the babies are all remarkable horses.

I keep the sharp points and overgrowths to a minimum, and make sure that they all have bit seats so that they are as comfortable to ride as I can make them. As a horse dentist my primary objective is to keep the horses mouth as comfortable as possible for eating. Subsequently the next part is to ensure that the mouth is as accommodating as possible to accommodate the bit.

If you would like to see the Lippies in action you can see the performance times here.

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